The Hadden Fellowship is a yearly position at our firm that trains newly-minted attorneys in the active practice of law, with an eye towards solo or small firm practice afterward.

The idea behind the Hadden Fellowship is that while a young attorney may have the legal right to practice alone upon admission, it is usually unwise to do so, given all the unwritten rules, technical pitfalls, and prudential customs necessary to competent practice that are only learned by watching and doing. And so, the Hadden Fellow watches and does through the time-honored and effective relationship of master and apprentice.

The fellow is introduced to the profession’s people and hierarchy at bar events and otherwise; the fellow will utilize the law in a real and practical way through work on actual cases with the guidance of a seasoned practitioner; the fellow will be required to adhere to the proper attire, manners, and decorum of an attorney, both in and out of court; the fellow will communicate to clients, fellow attorneys, and others and so develop proper habits of speech, letter, and email; and, most importantly, the fellow must at all times, keep ethics at the forefront and will learn to apply the written requirement and spirit of the Rules of Professional Conduct. In short, the fellow is taught how to both practice and live in the great tradition of the Patrician Attorney.

The Hadden Fellowship lasts fourteen months, from September 1 through October 31 of the following year and is open to any graduate from Quinnipiac University School of Law.

The Hadden Fellowship is named after our firm’s founder, William L. Hadden, who scaled the heights of achievement in the profession, while always in practice in a small firm.


Hadden Fellows

Johanna M.P. Ward

Johanna M.P. Ward 2020-2021

Attorney Ward was the inaugural Hadden Fellow.

Growing up in Hawaii and graduating from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, she wanted to experience law school in New England and so attended Quinnipiac University from which she received both a Juris Doctor and a Masters of Business Administration.

At Quinnipiac, Attorney. Ward served as Executive Business Editor of the Quinnipiac Health Law Journal and President of the Asian Pacific American Law Students Association. Attorney Ward also received the Distinguished Academic Achievement Scholarship and the following two awards: Excellence in Clinical Legal Education and Service to the Law School.

Outside of law, Ms. Ward enjoys puzzles, watching documentaries, and reading.