We encourage you to contact us regardless of the practice area, even if you have a matter that is not covered below. We will take the time to figure out just who you should hire, and make the referral, which gives you the benefit of being vetted and referred by another lawyer, which matters to attorneys.

Our primary area of practice consists of the following:

  • Probate
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Estates
  • Elder Law
  • Special Needs
  • Disability
  • Real estate and title issues
  • Small Business
  • Cell-Tower Leases
  • All ancillary litigation in all Courts

The simple matters we handle include wills, advanced directives and estates, and it grows in complexity from there. We handle all aspects of special needs law from supplemental needs trusts, to dealing with the Departments of Social Services and Developmental Services. We advocate for the infirm through the legal and administrative maze known as American healthcare. We handle all aspects of elder abuse, be it someone who has suffered an injury at the hands of a nursing home or a person who was financially exploited by a trusted person. We have created corporations, drafted partnership agreements and litigated them when the partners don’t see eye-to-eye. We are barred in state and federal court, with the added benefit of having admittance to all federal Circuit Courts of appeal.